Out to look for some magic in Sweden.
Streets of Göteborg
Streets of Göteborg | Straight cold lines. A frozen perspective on a sunday morning. People walking slow, still inebriated by the wine of the Valentine night, in the chill breeze. Sunday morning, in the february Sweden, is something you don\'t forget.

Dying cinema in Göteborg
Dying cinema in Göteborg | Le Roy est mort! Vive le Roy! Cinemas are disappearing, around the world. This place seems old and tired, ready to close its doors for good. However cinemas will live forever inside those who felt them hard inside.

Flags of Göteborg
Flags of Göteborg | Be proud. Show your origins. Show your love for your people. Hang your flag on the top of the world. Or at least of your world.

Göteborg | Smile or frown. Two sides of the same reality. Everyone of us has this duplicity, deep inside. Master the twin faces, master your inside forces. Or die trying...

Red in Göteborg
Red in Göteborg | Red like love. Red like warmth. Some small red points in the freezing sunday morning. Two ladies, holding hands, staring at some windows of a closed shop. And the red spots all around, to embrace them with love.

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