Anna Maria Gentili Theodorsen

  1. Origin: Italian.
  2. Age: 37.
  3. Location: Fredrikstad, Norway.
  4. Photo-experiance: Glamour (personal interpretation), live shows and some more.

Life experiance

My life has been crazy from the beginning. My parents met for a fatality: my father was a soldier in Naples, in the south of Italy, and one day he was bored, he decided to call a casual number, and he did ask of Pina, a very common name in town. The number was my motheręs, and Pina was her sister, who was out for a while. So they had a good talk and after a little time, in 1976, they had me too.

I draw my first drawings when I was 6, the little blue smurfes you know, and some rectangular strange characters. From the same period my first novel, about an extraterrestrial circular guy who had come to the earth and was looking for his identity. During the following years my artistic activity was divided between the making of a little magazine, and the writing of the adventures of some guys, hunted by vampires, ghosts and other monsters.

Some portrait work and logos, and selfttraining on japanese and italian comics in the following period. In 1993 a short course of portrait with the artist Sfiligoi Andrea. Then some commissions, some birthday cards, party invitation and flyers for the school elections, some other comics and some paintings for my friends. From that very same period my first experimentation with the camera, and right after my first photo exhibition.

In the year 2006 my life took a turn. I moved to the north and I was reborn. Norway welcomed me, and I was able to find a new, unknown inner peace, and a fantastic state of mind. My artistic skills are quickly improving with a new passion and dedication. In the last years I had painted some acrylic painting and a long series of humoristic strips. Then in 2011 I signed up for a photo course, to learn and improve my technique, and from the 2012 another exhibition, this time in Norway, which received a lot of good responses.


New Project on his way! Stay tuned and follow my blog!

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