13sept. My exhibition is opening tomorrow.

I want to start a revolution.

I know, it's big thinking, but I'm fed up with all this dresscodes, behaviour rules and thinking-trends. Think with your own head, be yourself!

Here is a little interview the local newspaper had with me. (just in Norwegian)




It's just two weeks to the opening of my new exhibition: Kunsten av å ikke passe inn.

If you try to translate the phrase it would sound something like: The art of never fitting in. I sure feel I've never fit in, any place and any time.
I started this project because after moving to Norway I was explained that many people still live following the so called "Law of Jante", maybe even unintentionally.
It's a law about being together against the different, even if many has interpretated it as a kind of social law. No one should believe they're better than others, and it could sound cool.

I've come to a different interpretation, though and I'm pretty sure that's the real meaning behind the words of Sandemose, the writer who described the unwritten law in his novel En flyktning krysser sitt spor.

The flyer

When I moved to Norway I didn't quite know what to expect. I had been here on vacation, and I had a feeling that people were nice and not afraid of people coming from other countries. I moved inn with a friend who eventually became my husband, and he was terrified by my attitude. He then explained me the Law of Jante, he told me that if I continued showing myself with my stupid exaggerated hats, and my gipsy jewelries I would never make new friends, because I shouldn't believe I was something.

I then tried to be invisible, to satisfy him and the distorted image of norwegian people he had painted into my head, but I deeply inside didn't quite manage to accept I was acting like I was someone else.

I used to have many friends back in Italy, but in Norway it seemed to be very difficult to get known with other people, and he pointed that I could not just say what I ment, if I wanted to be accepted: I was scaring people away.

It went some years before I understood that he was the one who was broken by the Law of Jante, and he was trying to break me down, to make me fit in. But I didn't want that! I have to thank my first real friend in Norway for that, Tone Susann. She never judged me, she never criticized me or my way of being. She accepted me with all my wrong, twisted sides, and she opene up my eyes. She took time to explain me things, to show me Norway and norwegian people for what they really are and I liked to listen to her point of view about things. I didn't always share the same point of view, but she made me think about things, she made me wonder. She made me in some way find back to my original me.

I had never fought to fit in in my youth, I've actually never cared about fitting in. If people couldn't just take me as I was, they could as well go to hell. They weren't worth it.

So I thought about saying it loud: I hate this Law! The Law of Jante is shit!

Tone Susann - one of my models, and my best friend

I have been thinking about this photoproject for a very long time. My ex husband was afraid I would have gathered some enemies by expressing my opinion about this old and retrograde law, and sometimes I cought myself pondering.

Was I ready to say it loud? Was I afraid I would have been attacked by people who still hung on in a nostalgic way to this old way of thinking?

Was I strong enough to take the critics which eventually was coming my way?

The answers to all these questions came when I finally break free from that psychological cage. I didn't need to follow that rule anymore: I was free!
When I published my call for models I was overwhelmed by how many wanted to tell me their stories. The Law of Jante had influenced someone in a very hard way, while someone else had just danced themselves over it. It has been some exciting months, I've been talking to those who wanted to cohoperate with me and I've been shooting pictures of them, which we carefully planned. We chose the locations, we chose the clothes, we chose the feeling we wanted to share with the viewer. We laughed a lot, sometimes we cried too, we felt it on our skin, and it wasn't always pretty.

Now the exhibition is ready, and I want to share it with you.

Opening day will be the 14th of september, at my sweet, little atelier in Fredrikstad and I'm very excited.

22jan. Here we go!

I am going to start a new project, in February. I am going to fight for everyone's right to stop acting, just to fit in. I never fit in, I never had, but I never cared, actually. I know that many, especially young people, have a hard time trying to fit in.

But guess what? There's no reason to try, you don't need to!
We are NOT alike, so why should we try to become a constrained copy of each other?

I feel this extremely strong here in Norway, I will explain you in detail soon. Now I've gathered 11 strong and brave persons who'll be my models for the project, and I am extremely excited to see how this will go. I will update my blog ( ) once in a while to hold you up to date with the project, and just feel free to send me tips and ideas.

And for God's sake: be yourself, always.

15jan. Welcome 2018!

Good morning and happy 2018, good people!

This year has started positively, with many projects on fire and many, many ideas in my head, so stay tuned to find out!

The facebook shop is now open, and you can purchase some of my picture on canvas (kapatex™), I accept paypal and I ship worldwide, so check it out!

link to the shop: ->

The reportage on Desucon 2017 is online - I just forgot to share the link, so here we go: ->

I hope you enjoy the reading.

I am open for new works too, so don't hesitate in asking!

~ Bless

7jul. Jazzit Fest - Collescipoli 2015

That was something!

I just had the time of my life, down there in Italy! Well, I was in this little village, Collescipoli, shooting pictures during a wonderful, amazing jazz festival, and I can assure the atmosphere down there was just incredible! The food was delicious (well, hey! It's Italy) and the music was really good, and one could just wander around and listen to these concerts for free.

Enjoy all the pictures I shot in the "MUSIC" section (many many many more on their way!).

Lots of love ~ take care, good people.

2sept. Scottish dreams..

Ok, I've been to Scotland shooting some pictures. (Blog continues under the picture)

(Click on the picture to go to the album)

I´ve got some good ones, and I am going to show you soon. I had never been there before, and I was strongly fascinated by the special atmosphere one can breathe down there. It's like times has stopped like a hundred years ago. People live still in a traditional way, in a slow, wonderfully quite way, and I was taken away by that calm.

I wish I could go back there again very soon.

Some years ago I was told I probably had lived there once, in one of my previous life. I was very young, and in love, and I believed those words. I travelled there smiling to my younger self, she would have loved to go there, to check if that actually could have waken up some lost memories, or feelings.

Calm down, young me. Nothing happened. You were tricked by your lack of experience, by your big, sweet dreams. Those who told you those stories had forgotten them long ago, those were just stories told o a child who listened with big, wide opened eyes.

But, Scotland. You're beautiful. Really. And your distilleries are magic places, full of stories to be told. Your castles are haunted buildings, and wandering in those rooms is an experience I can't tell. One must be there to feel those things crawling inside you, warm and alive. Your hills are round and tender, like green wool.

I bought some tweeds, I'll have it at hand to warm myself in winter. And I will think of you, Scotland, and whisper. I think I'm in love, again.

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