22jan. Here we go!

I am going to start a new project, in February. I am going to fight for everyone's right to stop acting, just to fit in. I never fit in, I never had, but I never cared, actually. I know that many, especially young people, have a hard time trying to fit in.

But guess what? There's no reason to try, you don't need to!
We are NOT alike, so why should we try to become a constrained copy of each other?

I feel this extremely strong here in Norway, I will explain you in detail soon. Now I've gathered 11 strong and brave persons who'll be my models for the project, and I am extremely excited to see how this will go. I will update my blog ( ) once in a while to hold you up to date with the project, and just feel free to send me tips and ideas.

And for God's sake: be yourself, always.

15jan. Welcome 2018!

Good morning and happy 2018, good people!

This year has started positively, with many projects on fire and many, many ideas in my head, so stay tuned to find out!

The facebook shop is now open, and you can purchase some of my picture on canvas (kapatex™), I accept paypal and I ship worldwide, so check it out!

link to the shop: ->

The reportage on Desucon 2017 is online - I just forgot to share the link, so here we go: ->

I hope you enjoy the reading.

I am open for new works too, so don't hesitate in asking!

~ Bless

7jul. Jazzit Fest - Collescipoli 2015

That was something!

I just had the time of my life, down there in Italy! Well, I was in this little village, Collescipoli, shooting pictures during a wonderful, amazing jazz festival, and I can assure the atmosphere down there was just incredible! The food was delicious (well, hey! It's Italy) and the music was really good, and one could just wander around and listen to these concerts for free.

Enjoy all the pictures I shot in the "MUSIC" section (many many many more on their way!).

Lots of love ~ take care, good people.

2sept. Scottish dreams..

Ok, I've been to Scotland shooting some pictures. (Blog continues under the picture)

(Click on the picture to go to the album)

I´ve got some good ones, and I am going to show you soon. I had never been there before, and I was strongly fascinated by the special atmosphere one can breathe down there. It's like times has stopped like a hundred years ago. People live still in a traditional way, in a slow, wonderfully quite way, and I was taken away by that calm.

I wish I could go back there again very soon.

Some years ago I was told I probably had lived there once, in one of my previous life. I was very young, and in love, and I believed those words. I travelled there smiling to my younger self, she would have loved to go there, to check if that actually could have waken up some lost memories, or feelings.

Calm down, young me. Nothing happened. You were tricked by your lack of experience, by your big, sweet dreams. Those who told you those stories had forgotten them long ago, those were just stories told o a child who listened with big, wide opened eyes.

But, Scotland. You're beautiful. Really. And your distilleries are magic places, full of stories to be told. Your castles are haunted buildings, and wandering in those rooms is an experience I can't tell. One must be there to feel those things crawling inside you, warm and alive. Your hills are round and tender, like green wool.

I bought some tweeds, I'll have it at hand to warm myself in winter. And I will think of you, Scotland, and whisper. I think I'm in love, again.

25jan. Cars, hum?

I know, I am weak, when it comes to car. Especially beautiful cars. Old cars, fast cars, expensive cars. Just take a look in the section: "MiX". You´ll find out what I mean.

I dream to own one myself, someday. And: who knows? That day may be closer then one imagine..


Anna Maria

10aug. Rust og Sånn - Summer exhibition 2013 -


It´s time for a new exhibition. It will be held in the town of Fredrikstad, Norway, so if you want to see some of my pictures, maybe buy one of them, or if you´r just passing by, you´r welcome inn.

Why an exhibition?

Not an easy question to ask. Mostly it´s for the feedback. I need feedback, I just need to hear what people think. I try to reach out to the people, so the feedback is important to me.

This is a much more confortable way to reach out than the web. There´s so much crowd on the web, sometime I wish I could just call me out. But I just can´t. Yes, I got my family, and my closest friends down in the south of Europe, so I can´t imagine how to keep in touch, without the web.

But still..

Yes, I love feedback, either good or bad. Or devastating. Sometimes I feel everyone is being kind to me, telling me I am doing good. Doing good, what does this mean? I want to shock, I want to generate some emotions. And I want to hear it from real voice.

Last year exhibition was a success for me. People were watching some pictures with a sort of grimace, and smiling to other pix. Yes, that´s how I like it! I like to see grimaces, and I like to see smiles. I like to shock, just as much as I like people to feel comfortable watching my pictures. I want to awake some emotions. in any way, any way of emotions.

Many of these pictures are previously unreleased, so please, if you´r interested in my work, come and take a look.

Welcome to my exhibition!

Love you

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