25jan. Cars, hum?

I know, I am weak, when it comes to car. Especially beautiful cars. Old cars, fast cars, expensive cars. Just take a look in the section: "MiX". You´ll find out what I mean.

I dream to own one myself, someday. And: who knows? That day may be closer then one imagine..


Anna Maria

10aug. Rust og Sånn - Summer exhibition 2013 -


It´s time for a new exhibition. It will be held in the town of Fredrikstad, Norway, so if you want to see some of my pictures, maybe buy one of them, or if you´r just passing by, you´r welcome inn.

Why an exhibition?

Not an easy question to ask. Mostly it´s for the feedback. I need feedback, I just need to hear what people think. I try to reach out to the people, so the feedback is important to me.

This is a much more confortable way to reach out than the web. There´s so much crowd on the web, sometime I wish I could just call me out. But I just can´t. Yes, I got my family, and my closest friends down in the south of Europe, so I can´t imagine how to keep in touch, without the web.

But still..

Yes, I love feedback, either good or bad. Or devastating. Sometimes I feel everyone is being kind to me, telling me I am doing good. Doing good, what does this mean? I want to shock, I want to generate some emotions. And I want to hear it from real voice.

Last year exhibition was a success for me. People were watching some pictures with a sort of grimace, and smiling to other pix. Yes, that´s how I like it! I like to see grimaces, and I like to see smiles. I like to shock, just as much as I like people to feel comfortable watching my pictures. I want to awake some emotions. in any way, any way of emotions.

Many of these pictures are previously unreleased, so please, if you´r interested in my work, come and take a look.

Welcome to my exhibition!

Love you

23mai The Car Cemetery - Sweden

Actually, this is not a new project. I was there to shoot some pix with one of my models, so these picture are just some documentation from the site.

However, I truly believe the place is worth the trip.

We had to drive in the forest for around 15 kilometers, on a sand road, and I had starting wondering if I had taken a wrong turn or something (how could I have done it? I was driving on a sand road in the middle of the woods!), when suddenly all those cars were everywhere around us.

Between the trees. As far as you could see, rusty, old cars, left there to rot. I felt a little as if I were on the set of a horror movie, like Nightmare on elm street, or something. I clearly remember walking with my camera, being frigthened by a little wind blowing, or a crackling, or a whisper.

I walked alone in the forest, I smelled the moss, I climbed to take the best shot. those trees growing through the old cars were amazing, and the atmosphere was fantastic.

That is a haunted place, it must be.

Love, everyone, and enjoy my pictures (you´ll find them in the "New Projects" folder)!

19mai New project starting TODAY!


Today I´m starting to take pictures for a new project.
It´s a little ambitious, and I hope to get from the audience the reactions I wait for. I´ve been thinking abut this a lot, lately, so I have many ideas and many wishes.

First of all: I want to make a difference, a little one, but still. More details are coming out as soon as we can see first pictures done. Have a good weekend!!

Love, everyone.


Hallo again!

Now you can read the reportage I wrote (just in italian, sorry). You find pictures from the show in the music section. Thank to "Rock and metal in my Blood" for making me their ambassador in Norway! I had a wonderful time in Oslo, and I discovered a lot of new bands, so: take a look!


21jan. 2013 - a year of happenings. Januar: Makeløs by Kristin Elise Halkjelsvik PLUS Hovedsentralen for høyhæla sko, Fredrikstad.

First mission of the year was to take some pictures of a flash exhibition.

The designer send me a message, the happening was going to be there just that one afternoon, so I just HAD to be there!

You´ll find these pictures inside the Glamour section. Hope you think they´re inspiring!

With Love (the one with the capital L)

A little information on this Flash Exhibition:

- MAKELØS by Kristin Elise Halkjelsvik. Redesign. The designer puts together old fabrics and other kind of used items to produce interesting fashion creations. Often followed by a catwalk, these re-designed clothes have become very popular in Norway.

- HOVEDSENTRALEN FOR HØYHÆLA SKO is performative art in public places. Many high heels shoes is put in squares, contemporary art galleries and open places. They just want to have attention from the media on several themes, like environment, cities of the future and other public organization.

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